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The idea to start sprung to life in 1999 from a group of college students. Its main goal was to help students get cheap books with less hassle. First off, it was a Java Desktop app from where college students could enter the ISBN of the books they needed and they got connected to the book sellers. With this method, one could get access to new and used books within seconds. However, the method was not effective given that it could only reach a small population of college students. In 2002, was started as a way to make the search for textbooks cheaper and better. Over the years, the number of sellers you can access for cheap textbooks on the site has increased to 50.

Search, Compare, Buy or Rent

Searching for books on the site is easy. The wide plethora of textbooks including Law, Math, Nursing, Teacher and Psychology textbooks among others makes it easy for the searchers to get what they want. The search engine feature on the site takes the textbook’s ISBN, author or title to give you fine results. On entering the search item and pushing the “Get Prices” button, you will be directed to a page where you can access the seller’s link from where you can compare the prices. From the search results, you can choose to either buy used or buy new books or get rental books.

Buyback price finder

If you have old textbooks that you do not use, you can now sell them at a good price through this site. The site allows you to compare prices from different stores and select the best to sell your used textbooks. All you need to do is enter the book’s ISBN (without dashes) and push the “Get Quotes” button to compare the stores. Besides, the site offers a list of links where you can sell your used books with ease.

Get Textbooks Coupons

One way through which has ensured that you get cheap textbooks is through couponing. They offer you an up to date list of coupons from different sellers to enable you get access to offers given by the sellers. The list keeps on being updated as the sellers change their coupons. They show you a list of printable coupons as well as in-store coupons.

Our Verdict on

The easy to navigate website and the free services are some of the reasons the website is very popular among students. In fact Cheap-Textbooks have made things even easier for those who want to search and buy textbooks on their smart phones, iPads and tablets. They have a highly usable Android or Apple app available for download at iTunes or Google Play. The ease of searching and comparing the sellers makes this site very popular amongst college students. Simply put, it’s a premium online central hub for getting the best in cheap textbooks.

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