Hacks on how you can save money on textbooks

One of the biggest expenses when heading back to college is textbooks. Every quarter or semester you have to buy one hundred dollar textbooks for each class and it can prove costly.

Here are a few hacks you can use to try and save money.

  1. First and foremost, buy used- this is the quickest and easiest way to save money. Colleges will normally provide used options of textbooks, but if not, you could buy from a friend or online. Buying used could cut your price in half.
  2. Go electronic- Amazon offers a lot of great deals, including deals on eBooks. If you don’t mind reading off of your computer or tablet eBook could be a cheaper option for you than buying the textbook itself.
  3. Rent your books for the year- renting is probably the cheapest option when it comes to spending money on textbooks. On amazon books are costing more than 200 dollars to buy, but only 20 dollars to rent.

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