University of Missouri launches plan to help save students textbook money

You won’t see as many traditional textbooks at University of Missouri campuses. System President Mun Choi has launched a system-wide plan to use Open Educational Resources (OER), or class materials that are free for students, and AutoAccess, which is a program that makes textbooks and class materials available online at a lower cost than traditional learning resources.

Dr. Mun Choi

A working group of faculty, staff and students will be formed this summer to develop a system-wide strategy to increase awareness of affordable and open resources and incentivize the transition to those resources.

“Some students don’t purchase required textbooks because it’s too expensive; it ends up hurting their academic success,” says Nathan Willett, president of the Missouri Students Association. “Any time we can make textbooks or course materials more affordable, it’s a win for students, and the university is still able to provide the same high-quality education.”

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